mara seafoods

All of our products come from the French and Irish coasts. They are carefully selected and processed to offer you the best of our shores and lands.

All of our products, both fresh and frozen are mainly sent to Europe and Asia.

Our products are certified according to the highest European standards: BRC Grade A, Irish Quality Mussels Programme, ECO Label / ISO 14001, Organic Standard (Bio).

In addition to our top-end seafood, we also offer a selection of Great Champagnes that will delight all palates.

  • Fresh
  • huitres plates
    We can offer you the following fresh products : abalones, razor clams,oysters, flat oysters,geoducks, scallops, lobsters, winkles, mussels…

  • Frozen
  • crabe cuit
    We offer raw and cooked frozen products. Cooked products are prepared according to the finest traditional recipes that have proven their worth, and carried out with the best ingredients.

  • Seaweed
  • dulse
    The richness of seaweeds is well established. Very popular in Asia, the seaweed that grows in our coasts is extraordinarily rich. We offer dulse and nori.