mara seafoods

Our Exclusive Partner

Our preferred partner for many years has been Connemara Seafoods Ltd.

Partenaires - CopieConnemara Seafood Ltd is one of the leading Irish producers of fresh, frozen, pasteurized and organic seafood; specializing in shellfish and crustaceans. As a producing, processing, exporting company, Connemara's products are shipped worldwide, serving a large number of retailers, wholesalers and market players of the global food market.

Located on the west coast of Ireland in the North-East of the Atlantic,one of the cleanest natural environments in Europe, Connemara Seafoods has been a player in the seafood industry for two generations, that is about 60 years.

Decades of experience provide Connemara with a unique understanding of seafood, its natural environment and best practice to protect and develop its delicate environment.

This knowledge, together with the use of the latest industry technologies and innovations, allows Connemara to produce the best top-end products and the most suitable ones in the crustaceans and shellfish's international market.