mara seafoods

Fresh – Live

We offer a wide selection of live shellfish and crustaceans, cultivated or fished in Ireland and France. Most of these products are rare and specific to the European coasts. Our products benefit from the richness and purity of the water, which favors to their growth and gives them an unmatched tender meat.




Nom Latin : Homarus Gammarus

European lobster, also called blue lobster. One of the finest and most renowned flesh

Flat Oysters

Latin name : Ostrea edulis

Wild - Harvested by hand-diving - Very large oyster commonly called “Horse foot” – Also available cultivated but with smaller sizes

Size : 250 to 480g per piece

huitres plates

huitre creuse


Latin name : Crassostreas Gigas

Grown in bag or on park – Very good quality with a balanced taste more or less iodized depending on the origin

Size : of 110 300g per piece – On request


Latin name : Littorina Littorea

Handpicked and ‘crawled’ (selected live)

Size : Small 230-450 pieces per kg / Large : 180-230 p/Kg / Extra Large : 150-180 p/Kg


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Latin name : Haliotis tuberculata

Wild – Caught by hand diving – Very rare – Harvested according to specific quotas (reason why each unit is ringed)

Size : 150 – 200g / 200+ g


Latin name : Pecten Maximus

Wild – Harvested by hand diving – Very large size

Size : 4 pieces per Kg – approx. 250g each

Coquille St jacques


Rope Mussels

Latin name : Mytilus Edulis

Beautiful rope mussels grown in the pristine waters of the west coast of Ireland

Size : 80-120 pieces per kg – > 23% flesh ratio