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Our products can be raw frozen and/or cooked frozen. They are selected very carefully in order to ensure maximum quality taste. We also offer more sophisticated products, such as our selection of mussels in sauce as well as products for the industry, including our IQF mussels. Fresh or frozen we can adapt each product to a specific market.

crabe cuit

Brown Crabs Cooked Frozen

Latin name : Cancer Pagurus

Caught in north-east Atlantic (FAO zone 27) – Excellent quality

100% full female

Size : 400 – 600g / 600 – 800g / 800g

Cooked Frozen Mussels

Latin name : Mytilus Edulis

Rope mussles grown on the west coast of Ireland – Excellent quality

Size : 70-90 or 90-110 pieces per Kg; >22% flesh ratio

Presentation :

- In Sauce : In natural juice / In Marinière Sauce (white wine) / In Garlic sauce

- IQF for industry

moules 1



Raw Frozen Razor Clams

Latin name : Ensis Siliqua

Hand-sorted – Excellent quality – No broken – No sand

Size : 13-15 pieces per Kg

Raw Frozen Geoducks

Latin name : Mya Arenaria

Hand-sorted – Excellent quality - no broken

Size : approx. 10 pieces per Kg